Trauma-Informed Somatic Psychotherapy

~Holistically engaging the mind and body to treat trauma, stress, anxiety & depression~

Proudly Serving Adults & Couples in the Napa Valley & throughout California

Currently accepting new clients via Telehealth. In-person on hold due to pandemic. 



While I work with a diversity of issues, my specialization is in women’s health issues surrounding autoimmune/chronic illness that drive mental health symptomology, along with the impact of trauma on our hormones, health, relationships, and perceptions of reality and self.


Finding my own somatically-oriented therapist was when things began to turn around for me. I started to understand my own body’s unique messages and how certain knee-jerk reactions were just triggered by trauma and unconscious memories of the past. These responses weren’t happening to me now and they weren’t me, they were just parts I created to survive. My therapist assisted me in feeling safe in my own body and trusting that my body could lead me to wellness.


Understanding the power of presence, breathwork, self compassion, and sensing into my emotions helped free me from my suffering. Recognizing my own nervous system’s dance and how trauma impressions lingered in my body, I began to integrate harmful experiences and face my fears. With finding this new way of showing up, my anxiety soon lessened and panic attacks vanished. I had a voice and could make sure that my needs were met.


“Do not assume that a certain (psychological) symptom ‘must’ be of psychological origin.”
– Dr. Ronald J Diamond


IT’S NOT ALL IN YOUR HEAD!!! Whatever your reality is, I believe you.


My work is humanistic and holistically oriented which means we bring the whole person into the room—both mind story and body story—to uncover the riddle to your body and mind’s dis-ease and distress. Sometimes there is something going on in your body that is driving adverse psychological symptoms, ie. a sudden change in hormones.


In a supportive and safe space, I will support you to uncover your unique formula for finding homeostasis in the body and mind. I am here to tell you, YOU ARE NOT CRAZY, even if your mind may be telling you that you are. I am also classically trained in a diversity of talk therapies if that is where you want to begin. We will always go at your pace.


Begin to enjoy the ride

Body-oriented practices begin to awaken your body’s inner knowing. We will use movement inquiries, somatic felt sense, tracking bodily sensations, and posture. You will also have the tools to create your own somatic practice at home. Embodiment work begins with the ability to witness what is going on inside of you.

Reconnect with Your Authentic Self

Find your resources! We will engage all your senses to reconnect with your self beyond all the trauma and maladaptive coping strategies. Let’s get to know self again and find out what gives you pleasure, creating a more calm and creative mindset. If you are feeling too low to find things that make your smile, we will work together to track those things down or create new ways of feeling content.

Body-Oriented Therapy

We will go slowly into understanding how trauma is held in your body. You have a blueprint that isn’t like anyone else’s, so let’s find your rhythm and begin to bring you into a regulated system. This will take time, care, and consideration. We will create safety and containment together and go slowly into the shadow work.