You have survived something horrible and your inner world is in turmoil. Searching for how to make sense of all of your heightened emotions and sensations. You are attempting to fully live again and to put your life back together


You don’t feel vibrant or energized. Some days you wish you could go live in a cave and never come out. Are you taken by wild runaway thoughts, feeling worthless or hopeless? Feel as if this low will never end? Consumed by guilt or shame? Can’t motivate?

Disembodied or Dissociated

You often feel stuck in your own head and miss out on what is going on around you. It may appear as if what you are seeing before you seems fuzy, dreamlike or out of a movie.There may even be a sense that you are leaving your body, that your body and mind are seperate.

Women in Hormonal Life Cycles

Just had a baby and all of a sudden you feel scared, obsessive or erratic? Are you sleep-deprived? Feel like no one on the planet feels as crappy as you do? You are feeling like a terrible mother or uncomfortable in your new role.


Entering a hormonal change and feel like you are losing it? You feel like your mind is not operating as it use to. You are edgy and irritatable.

Feeling like you are “losing it” or “going crazy”

You are often fearful that you have really lost it this time and may even think that you may end up in a mental hospital. You feel “crazy” as if your thoughts are controlling you and that they ARE you. These thoughts cause you to feel anxious and panicky.

Autoimmune/Chronic Illness

Have you been told that your physical symptoms are a manifestation of your mind? Aches, pains, and psychological changes during flare-ups?  Lacking a compassionate and empathetic ear? Your symptoms are complex. Your symptoms are chronic. Your symptoms are causing dysfunction in your life.
Somatic Psychotherapy

Relate to any of the above??? Let’s figure out this riddle together!!!


What if life could offer you CONTENTMENT, PLEASURE, ENTHUSIASM, and maybe even some FUN?


SOMATICS may be the change you’re seeking. We all can use someone to listen to our story, but it is also helpful to listen to our bodies. The body gives us clues. What if that lump in your throat, tension in your neck, numbness in your fingers or toes, butterflies in your stomach, pain in your heart could provide you with the guidance to transform your suffering?


You are capable of an inner calm! You are capable of connection! Do you have a desire to find the light and happiness inside of you? You have everything it takes to feel calm in your own skin and arrive to a feeling of being at home inside your own body.

A Relational Approach
Social connection assists in bringing the system back into balance, but it also gives us information into how we are relating to one another. These relationships offer clues into how we are showing up in the world. When the relationships in our lives are healthy and vibrant, our energy begins to shift into a psychological balanced state. In the therapy room, a relationship begins to develop that can play out old behaviors and patterns and we can work with this information to begin to shift and develop knew ways of being.
Teletherapy Sessions: $200
3 hour Intensives: $350